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cameraBoredom is a dreary state of affairs. It’s such a waste of time, the way it sucks the life right out of you. Well, nuts to that. I tend to retaliate by creating my own fun, with two possible outcomes: deep trouble and / or injury. But they’re a yawn, too. I’m tired of stitches and traffic tickets and probationary periods.

So I’ve decided to take a new approach; I’m diversifying. Tada. Original photography will soon start appearing here. Not always, not even often, but sometimes. In fact, I’ve already taken a few halting steps in that direction, as you can see. While the results might be unfortunate and harebrained in some eyes, I consider them avant-garde, very offbeat. I’m experimenting, okay? Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that. The point is, it’s new and different.


In that, at least, my pursuit is a blazing success, albeit at a price.

As I busied myself shooting old buildings in the bloom of restoration I dropped my sunglasses. In the street. Not until I heard them being pulverized by a black Ford F-150 was I aware they’d fallen out of my pocket. There went a hundred bucks. On another occasion, biking across the river no less, I sideswiped the guardrail, scaring the crap out of myself in the process. I could’ve gone head first into the water, which is okay, but getting tossed into traffic would’ve been, you know, curtains. Death as a speed bump — thump thump.

Boredom is no longer an issue. Survival and squinting are the new orders of the day. With brief interludes of exhilaration. Not a bad trade-off.


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