: they don’t look harmless :

But they are, trust me. They were released from the asylum just this morning and with a clean bill of health —  I bet. The knife? Relax, it’s rubber. Or plastic, something non-stabby.nurse crowdunnysstabbyWhile most people call them The 13 Dunny Series, I call them weirdly beautiful. So exotic and colorful. They’re a puny $11.99 and come blind boxed from kidrobot, Brandt Peters, and Kathie Olivas. You’ll find them in kidrobot stores or online at kidrobot.com.

Be sure to knock first, you don’t want to startle them.

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7 responses to “: they don’t look harmless :”

  1. I want one. The top one on the right. Yep, I want that one.

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    1. I love that one. Eapecially the raven. It ‘s a toss-up, though, with the one on the far right, middle row. The colors dazzle me, what can I say? I’m a sucker for bright, primary colors.

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  2. Okay, those are just creepy. Really

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    1. I know. Aren’t they great? :o)


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