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So Apple’s new iPhone update — the life-altering iOS 9.1 — includes some new emojis, big whoop.

185 of them to be exact. A unicorn, cheese wedge, taco, rolling eyes, a robot face (my favorite), a long, long list. The noisiest hullabaloo is over the middle finger emoji. The media are besotted with that one.

Why? Have we sunk so low, become so helpless we can’t find our own emojis? Must we rely on Apple to do that, then deliver them to our silly phones?

eyerollThat’s just sad, people.

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  1. […] appearance, I wonder. I read a great post recently about the spread of emoticons online ( follow : what is the big deal? : ) which made me wonder if visual stereotypes were starting to replace the subtle, nuanced use of […]


    1. It is Halloween time.


  2. Easier than developing a subtle, nuanced, expressive writing style, I suppose … alas!

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    1. Hahahahaha! That’s brilliant. And right on the nose. Damn, your should do a post on that.

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      1. Hmm … think I will … cheers!

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        1. Go for it, break a pencil lead!


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