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What do you know? Life still has a few surprises up its sleeve. Shopping carts, for example. In the right hands, those rolling, shimmying stainless steel contraptions become absolutely stunning works of art. Bright, shiny, functional furniture. Minimalist showpieces.Reijnders copy

The right hands, in this case, belong to Dutch designer Etienne Reijnders. He describes himself as a ‘headstrong designer who especially loves to walk the road of sidetracks.’ Great, now I’m in love. Those non-traditionalist types leave me weak in the knees.

No white picket fences for me. Give me a shopping cart love seat and I’ll follow you anywhere. Parking lot, street corner or bus shelter. Park bench or Park Avenue. Wherever, I’ll be yours forever. The recliner, too, is quite a handsome piece. Better, in my opinion, than a throne. They’re all gorgeous.

shopping cart

I envy any mind that can look at a shopping cart and see a table. Or a chair. Although the chair requires a shorter leap of imagination, considering we were all strapped in the confining and uncomfortable child’s seat at least once in our lifetimes. Not anymore — heh, as if we could fit — now we can spread out in luxury. They’re rumored to be unexpectedly comfortable.

It’s genius, all right, but I miss the wheels.


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  1. Innovative! Love them! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Functionality is beautiful … why do mine always veer to the left?

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    1. I’m the last person you should ask. My cart is always busy rolling into displays, shoppers, parked cars, walls. Oy.


  3. Thanks for sharing, publikworks! This must be that where the missing shopping carts went! ;)

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    1. Busted!

      And you’re very welcome :0)

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