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bowlerHang on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen, a new theme is in the planning stage.

Against my better judgment and through no fault of my own — heh, imagine that — an overhaul of publikworks has become necessary. Unfortunately, the latest Firefox update brought a bug, a glitch, something squirrelly to the theme. Now when you visit using Firefox, the post titles display all weird, oddly spaced and wonky. It’s very unsightly.

So bear with me. The search is on for an exciting new design. Again. I’m hoping for better luck this time around; I’m already narrowing down the choices. This could actually turn out to be delightfully serendipitous or, sure, a total freaking disaster. Either way, it’s something new and disasters are good entertainment for onlookers.

Thank you for your support.


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    1. Why am I not surprised? Ever since they partnered with yahoo performance has rapidly declined. It’s slow, lumbering, and frustrating. Chrome is a stalker, a la the NSA. And Safari? It’s fast, but Apple abandons their support in a flash.

      We need more choices.


    1. There’s an incompatibility between this theme and the new Firefox update. Post titles get distorted and, on occasion, body text, as well. It almost looks as though it’s justified. And it appears unprofessional.


      1. Are you on WordPress.org or WordPress.com? I now have a site on both (for various complicated reasons). On WordPress.org I use a bought theme called Enfold. It was a bit tricky to set up, but I’m reasonably happy with it now. They have a pretty good support page, although they’re mostly geared to helping business sites and don’t know much about blogging. (One of the experts there had never heard of a blogroll, for example.)

        On WordPress.com I use the Lovecraft theme. It was free and although there are a few little things I don’t like so much about it, it’s not too bad overall and I did find it very easy to set up.

        Okay, I’ve now reached the limit of my knowledge on themes. It didn’t take very long to get to it, I’m afraid. :)

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        1. WordPress.com

          My great hindrance isn’t the dreadful lack of technical skills, it’s being picky. So thanks for the suggestions, I will definitely take a look. I am limited to the free themes and the very, very simple ones at that.

          I hope this is a quick and efficient process, but you should plan on a fiasco. Seriously. Be ready for all kinds of screw-ups and false starts. I’d rather lower your expectations now than go down in flames and broken promises later. Cross your fingers.

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