: doris day is alive :

She’s 92 and a neighbor of Clint Eastwood in Carmel Valley, California. She gave up acting, though, in 1968, so we aren’t reminded of her and tend to forget she exists. But good old Doris could be filming selfies and singing her heart out all day long for all we know.

Last fall, there was a rumor she’d been lured out of retirement by an offer to appear in Eastwood’s next movie. She’d seen the script and they were in negotiations, according to the article I read. So who knows? Maybe she’s set to stage a comeback.

The point is, she’s going about her business. And so am I. While a comeback isn’t imminent, it is certain. One day in the not too distant future, everything will be nailed down — the format, the domain, the direction — and I hope you’ll make a comeback of your own.

Until then, stay warm and thank you for your patience. Que sera sera and all that.

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  1. Very happy to know that you will be making a comeback in the near(?) future. Will look forward to it. I like Doris Day’s singing – at least some of it – “My Dreams are Getting Better All The Time” is a favorite (and I am not 100 years old). Take care!

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    1. ‘Secret Love’ is probably my favorite of hers and I am 100. Well, a smidge over actually.

      I’m so tickled you’ll be returning — us being neighbors and all, we need to stick together.

      Speaking of, the high on Sunday is 5 degrees. F-I-V-E, five. Prepare yourself, it’s heading your way.

      Do you have your down comforter ready?

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      1. Just an old comforter with feathers coming out all over the place. I need to invest in a new one… maybe tomorrow. Good to hear from you! You sound pretty spry (can a person sound spry?) for being over 100. You must be living right.

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        1. It’s the typeface, it makes me sound spry and vivacious. And I’m drunk, too. On hot toddies. They go right to my head.

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          1. I just ran across a hot toddy recipe today that my dad sent me years ago. It was during one of my many bouts of bronchitis in the past. Good stuff. I think I’ll have a hot toddy now – I feel like sounding spry.

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            1. My recipe is simple. Fill the bottom of a teacup with honey, add plenty of Jack Daniels, and don’t forget the chamomile.

              Myohmy, it’s good. And very warming. Here’s to hot toddies, nugget.

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  2. I loved Doris Day – I thought all american women were like her! c

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  3. I just watched “That Touch Of Mink” a couple of weeks ago. She was the epic all-american cutie!

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    1. Wasn’t she? Although I honestly think she was better looking when she was middle-aged. Grace Kelly, too. And Diane Keaton.


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