: this didn’t happen :

alien abductionI swear, I wasn’t kidnapped by aliens.

No, I’m right here, pounding away in preparation for the move and making pretty decent progress, I must say. Not great, but acceptable. I’ve settled on a new name, bought the domain, narrowed down the themes to three and potential web hosts to two, and have five (count ‘em, 5) logo designs to pick from. And, get this, I don’t hate all of them. One I do, maybe two, but the rest are viable possibilities.

In fact, I’ve been debating whether or not to post the logo designs, give readers and passersby a chance to vote. Then I could blame someone else for my inevitable and looming failure. Namely, you. But I’m up in the air about that. I think I’d rather wait and present everything at the same time — the name, the logo, the website, the whole shebang. Of course, that’s today, tomorrow will be a different story if I know me.

eyes_terrifiedI’ll get scared or lose confidence and throw everything — finished, unfinished, horrifically bad — into a post hoping for what? Approval? No, I’m going to wait until all the pieces are polished and ready for their debut.

This is, however, the point where I start dragging my feet. I’ve done the work I know how to do, now I have to tackle the daunting part: the complicated, highly technical, utterly foreign stuff. In other words, the damn Internet. I’ve been avoiding it like a dark alley, now I need to suck it up and get on with things. My big fear is I won’t be smart enough to figure it out and I’ll have to either quit altogether or come back with my tail between my legs. Well, the tail thing isn’t really an option, so I’d have to quit. Or go into Witness Protection and start writing under my new identity.

Yeah. Witness Protection. Good. I can do that. Whew, I feel better now, thanks.

All rightie, expect to see the all new, not necessarily improved, website by mid-March at the latest. Until then — or until I need to restore my courage again — adios, muchachos.

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4 responses to “: this didn’t happen :”

  1. Glad to see you getting squared away in your new home. I’ve been MIA in the midst of some angsty nasty life crap and missed out on a lot of my usual blog reading. Can’t wait for more.

    PS: love you have an image of days to go until Daylight Savings Time. To know there’s hope winter will end. *grin*

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    1. Wow, sorry about the angsty crap, that stinks. As if winter isn’t lousy enough on its own, right? Well, hang tight, bd, sunshine and flip flops will come to our rescue. Soon, too. Or else.

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      1. Ahh…flip flops. A big yes to flip flops. And warm breezes. And all things summer. :)

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        1. I’ll drink to that!


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