:behold, the miracle :

The whirly girl is up and it’s running. Against impossible odds and contrary to my astonishing lack of technical skills, the new site is fully operational. Can you believe it? Because, frankly, I’m having a little trouble. This is a mind-blower, a flipping miracle.

Please take a moment to investigate the new surroundings. I’ve added new pages and a couple quirky new features I hope you’ll like, namely the weather page and reader’s guide. And there’s more yet to come. So stick around, we’re just getting started. Giddyup.

Which is why I’m going live on a Sunday, the day of worship. Velda at WordPress Technical Support, bless her heart, is nothing short of a divine being. And Matthew MacDonald, author of WordPress: The Missing Manual, is no slouch himself. Their supreme knowledge guided me through the treacherous waters of permalinks and domain mapping and css with relative ease. They are my newest, greatest heroes.

Naturally, there were the odd calamities and I spent a fair amount of time hyperventilating, but all’s well that ends well. It’s time now to focus on creating a lively destination for the weary Internet travelers in search of sparkling, ever-changing content and witty surprises. An oasis where any and all visitors will feel a strong, abiding sense of communion.


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13 thoughts on “:behold, the miracle :

    1. You have a great logo, Michelle. I envy your logo deeply. I’m still fussing with mine — it will change. Eventually. Probably. You can do this, too. You won’t need to use your little girl balls, either. It was simply the result of a perfect storm — stoopidity, boredom, and a desperate need for change. I didn’t know what I was getting into technically, but I was miserable with the same old. The former site was stale and tired and posting on it seemed pointless, like beating a dead horse, you know? So I started over. Gotta tell you, it’s been a blast. And I really want the enthusiasm to last …

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    1. I couldn’t have done it without your help. And, uh, don’t look too closely. Not for a while, anyway.

      PS. Thank you, Barbara. Seriously :o) You’ve been my hero since the babysitting gig.


    1. phew! That’s such a relief. I obsessed over the choices forever, then nearly abandoned this one at the last minute. Your comment helps me think I made the right choice. Thank you!


        1. Oh, don’t. Please. I’m doing my level best to forget the last two (maybe three). They weren’t even close good fits — the last one was for weddings! I clearly can’t be trusted on the theme pages.


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