: rejected logos and taglines :

hearseWhen starting a new venture, it’s important to make a splash. The logo and tag are mighty useful tools in this pursuit. Together, they’re capable of building a powerful brand image that exudes tradition or trendiness, innovation or dependability or elegance, anything you aspire to. As long as they’re done right.

These weren’t and they died. But I’d like to honor the memory of the dearly departed and completely half-assed designs with a public viewing. I was terribly fond of them, frankly, but I couldn’t save them. No one could. May they rest in peace.

twg_logosOne of their kin remains in critical condition and valiant resuscitation efforts are underway. Cross your fingers, though, it doesn’t look good.

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4 responses to “: rejected logos and taglines :”

  1. They’re all better than mine!

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    1. No, they’re not. But you can have one if you want. They’re free.


  2. Straddle the Turtle Avatar
    Straddle the Turtle

    Oh my gosh. Good thing I didn’t see these…I would have voted for all of them! Spent all day working on my boring header. I need to check out those sites you shared…

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    1. You’re working on site, yay!


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