: let there be light :

light switch_siloAnd, fwip, just like that Daylight Saving Time is back. Hurrah and hallelujah and, yes, it’s about damn time.

I won’t presume to speak for the rest of the world — many of whom don’t participate in this lunacy — but today is one of the Five Most Wonderful Days of the Year in my book. Those five days, in order of importance, are:

Very Best ≈  First day of spring — March 20
2nd Best ≈  Return to Daylight Saving time — today!
3rd Best ≈  Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day — April 12th
4th Best ≈  April Fools’ Day — April 3rd (really, I swear it’s the 3rd)
5th Best ≈  National Punctuation Day — September 24

Notice, if you will, how none occur in cold, wintry months. Rightly so, too. Cold and dark do not a joyous combination make, regardless of occasion. A free eyes_shadedmoney giveaway couldn’t coax me out into a dreary winter morning. But, never mind, those days are behind us as of right now and, next week? Spring!

See that? I’m so freaking thrilled by its advent I applied an exclamation point. Heck, in the first draft, I used three exclams, and tried to add a heart over the ‘i’ in spring! I would’ve, but the option doesn’t exist in the editing panel. Luckily, I’ve calmed down some in the meantime. Still over the moon, but relatively levelheaded.

Did you know this is the earliest spring since 1896. Yep, courtesy of the Leap Year nonsense in February. Although it’s still not early enough to suit me. But I’ll take spring and sunshine and chirping birds whenever and wherever and however. Yay, daylight!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, bring on the heat.

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4 responses to “: let there be light :”

  1. Gracefully Global Avatar
    Gracefully Global

    Love your list :D

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    1. Aww, thank you. Actually, any day between March 1st and mid-October is pretty terrific.

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  2. ..and the worst day is the first day of summer because after that first day, the days get shorter!!! I’m with you on this being one of the best days!

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    1. The first day of summer is torture. It’s summer, but …

      The slide toward winter begins. You’re right, it’s a harsh reality on what should be a terrific day. Excellent catch :o)


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