: a common affliction :

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Outbreaks of the giggles are a plague on humanity. They render us helpless and sheepish when they strike, usually at the most inconvenient times (a funeral) or in highly unsuitable places (jury boxes). There’s no known cure and recurrences are common. People immune to the giggles (see fig. 1) shouldn’t be trusted. They’re aliens. Alert the proper authorities.

When Seized by an Attack of The Giggles:

• avoid eye contact
• feign a coughing fit or crying jag, whichever befits the occasion
• promptly excuse yourself and retreat in a courteous fashion
• allow symptoms to fully subside before returning to the scene of your outburst

In my experience, the giggles are tricky. What I find uproariously funny, most others don’t. They’re either appalled or concerned or sympathetic; regardless, they don’t see the humor.

You may think, at my advanced age, I’ve outgrown the giggles. I have not. I continue to be victimized by fits of laughter whenever it’s inappropriate or uncalled for. People falling down gets me every time. I know it’s wrong. I know it’s impolite. I know it’s heartless. The inevitable looks of disgust and condemnation I receive aren’t at all helpful. They, in fact, only add fuel to the fire.

I will illustrate with a recent example: a woman in her early 30s was making her way to the restroom in a crowded restaurant. As she rounded the bar she skidded, her arms shot out and she flailed wildly, finally snagging the edge of a chair to regain her balance. It was a totally awkward, Three Stooges kind of move and I laughed. She didn’t.

She wanted to fight. I laughed harder. She got madder, curling her hands into fists. I tried to swallow my face, but couldn’t stop laughing. Before a punch was thrown, a friend of mine stepped in and apologized for me. The woman, begrudgingly, went on her way — shooting angry, hateful looks all the while.

If I don’t grow up and act my age, I’m gonna get myself killed.

kapow_cartooncopyright © 2016 the whirly girl

9 responses to “: a common affliction :”

  1. This is nothing to laugh about … haha … it’s a very serious … hoho … now stop that or else … heehee … eye contact is the killer!

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    1. Absolutely pitch perfect, Dave — I’m still grinning :o) We should never sit together at a formal or dignified event. Ever.


      1. Oh, I don’t know … ;)

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  2. I too am still overcome by the giggles. I embrace it! Laughing keeps us young and if people like the lady who fell skidded at the bar cannot join in with the laughter then she’s living a shorter life hehe. Don’t grow up and act your age… it’s a trap!

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    1. If I haven’t grown up by now, chances are pretty good I never will. And, like you, I think it’s fun to surrender to the giggles. Even if that woman wanted to deck me :o/

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  3. It would be nice if we could all just laugh at ourselves. What would i do?
    I did see a post on (…) could have been anywhere. But in a mall a woman fell down and a guy saw her. His reaction was that he helped her by falling down himself and then others began falling flash mob!

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    1. What a great story! I’m going to try that next time someone takes a header, I swear. Then the laughing won’t seem so cruel, because I’ll be on the floor myself. Thanks, you’ve performed a valuable service here. I’ll try to return the favor somehow :o)


  4. I love this post. I have never almost got in a fight about, but I remember the time when l was on a course and l was laughing so much l had to squeeze my hand, and try to think of things that were serious and not funny and then l would laugh again and again. Oh my l am laughing just remembering. Thanks Cally.

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    1. There was an episode of the Mary Tyler Show when she couldn’t stop laughing at the funeral for Chuckles the Clown. The harder she tried, the harder she laughed. Inappropriate reactions are just so hard to control. Oh, well, we do the best we can, right? I’m glad you could relate :o)


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