: goodbye and good riddance :

snowman_meltingI shouldn’t encourage tactless, insulting behavior, but what the Hell. Let’s go ahead and thumb our noses at winter. The damn thing is finally and officially kaput. We can all breathe a huge sigh of relief.

I shouldn’t say all; many, many people enjoy winter and its various activities. Skiing, for example. Snowboarding, ice skating, ice fishing, sledding, snowmobiling, breaking a leg on icy pavement, freezing like a fish stick. We needn’t include them.

For the rest of us, this is a day we’ve long awaited. So I’ll resort to my slacker’s bag-o’-tricks — sprinkle in an assortment of handy, ready-made quotes, stir in a link, add an image, some unsolicited advice, abloomand presto, a post is made.

Springtime beckons, boys and girls, I shan’t keep it waiting.


If those failed to ignite a spark of bliss, this oughta do the trick — unless you’re the guy who froze like a fish stick.

As a final, last-ditch effort, you could try the old open-a-window ruse. Sweet, fresh air works every time. Hello, springtime!

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11 responses to “: goodbye and good riddance :”

  1. There will be no window opening today. Old Man Winter snuck back in last night and we are waking up to inches of ice and snow to dig out from. It’s really cold. I’m telling you that guy never knows when to quit.

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    1. Don’t panic. Nail the windows shut and park yourself somewhere warm and soft — I suggest bed. Wait for the all clear. It’s coming, I swear.

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  2. … and now that you’ve committed to the “no going back” school of eternal optimism… I awaken to 4 inches of the white stuff…

    Thank you so very much, Murphy!!!

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    1. Oy, I’m sorry. At least it isn’t October. We’re closing in on April, so that horrible mess won’t last long. Hours, maybe.

      Does that help?


      1. Yeah, I really don’t care, as it was a rather wet snow which didn’t even stick to the roads. But the Daffodils that had started blooming just yesterday, I’m thinking, were probably a bit surprised.

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        1. I hope they hadn’t stored their sweaters yet.

          Can I be nosy and ask where you are? Somewhere in Colorado?


          1. Just north of NYC… Connecticut…

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              1. Hanging…
                Please stand by…

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    1. And hallelujah. Hasn’t winter seemed endless this year? Almost like a bad episode from The Twilight Zone.


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