: it’s election day, too :

voting_ballot boxSay hello to the candidates running for business card. This is the cheapest, easiest way I could think of to introduce the new name and web address. Before you correct me, yes, graffiti is cheaper, but hard to lug around in a pocket. Plus it ruins the line of my Levi’s. So business cards it is.

Don’t worry about making a wrong choice, because you can’t. Not here and not for this. The thinking might be misguided and the executions amateurish, but they’re essentially harmless. Lives and fortunes don’t hang in the balance; havoc won’t be loosed in the world.



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The candidate on the right looks alarming, but is nothing more than hot air on closer inspection. It’s a cynical attempt to grab attention, not a scare tactic. On the left is a trippy, off-the-wall exclamation in a speech balloon. It’s not exhilaration, but an allusion to my muzzy state of mind. Sadly, no third-party alternative exists.

And there you have it, the field of candidates.

I could go either way and that’s where you come in. You’re a smart, discerning group, thoughtful and deliberate. I’m a seat-of-the-pants flier; reason and logic just don’t enter the picture. I rely on hunches and instinct — and we saw what a hunch did for Quasimodo. So I need your help. Please select the candidate of your choice and damn the consequences.

boomerangThank you.

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PS. Happy Easter!!

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    1. Thanks, Dave, I really, really appreciate you taking the time to weigh in on my dilemma. But let me ask you this: should I stick to a more conventional title instead of ‘ride attendant’? I like it, but will it be a head scratcher to most people? That concerns me a little.


      1. ‘Ride attendant’ is good in conjunction with the information that … ‘We’re all hurtling through space at 1,040 mph with the earth’s rotation. I’m the one in the backseat with my head out the window. May I borrow a comb?’ Could they be comb-ined somehow (weak pun intended)? The hairdrier image also ties in somehow. Hope this hasn’t muddied the waters too much – I’m a style guru in Bafflesby but business has been slack of late …

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