: worst post ever :

yayAnd I’m not sure why. Too subtle is a possibility. Hare-brained and ill-advised could also apply. It’s a long list, so we’ll tag it the biggest clinker in the history of language and move on.

I’m referring to the April Fools’ Day post I, personally, considered a fairly decent prank. Not great, but serviceable. I was mistaken. After two full days online, the piece has generated a whopping two Likes and a single comment. Those numbers are a record-setting low.

After hours of inactivity, I reckoned I’d forgotten to hit Publish. But no, it was posted. Then I decided a global nuclear event had wiped out civilization. Or the Rapture was underway. Armageddon, something really bad happened. Again, nope, I could see human activity out the window. People were driving cars, gradewalking, standing, life carried on as always.

Long story short, the post was just a flop, simple as that. For whatever reason, it went over like a lead balloon — thud.

Well, all right, I can live with an occasional dud. Especially one with a glaring, dazzling bright side: it was April Fools’ Day, remember? I believed I’d done a funny and clever piece, but, ha! I fooled me. You’ve gotta love the irony of that — I snookered myself. Instead of being ashamed to admit it, I’m actually a little proud. It takes a special kind of loopy to fall for your own scam. And I did. Hook, line, and sinker.

Inkposts, Steven Baird, and burlesquegypsy fell for it, too. Or pretended they did. So to them, the three intrepid mavericks who went against the grain and declared affection for an unloved, misbegotten post, thank you. They earned a Gold Star for bravery and my eternal gratitude.

gold stars2Next up? How to bounce back from disaster.

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18 thoughts on “: worst post ever :

  1. Don’t take it personally. I make a habit of staying off my computer on April 1 as much as I possibly can. Most pranks are harmless (like yours) but there are some real nasty bastards out there that think messing with things on the internet is funny. Also, I think you will find that Google’s prank was probably the worse prank ever. They had to pull it and apologize. So you can only claim second worse. ;-)

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    1. That’s a good policy; avoiding the Internet on April Fools’ Day. But I love the stoopid stuff, such as Vanderbilt University announcing they’d unearthed the skeletal remains of a 39-foot squirrel on their campus. But I’m easily amused and even more easily fooled.

      The google thing is proof that backfires are far worse than a little rejection. And I speak from long experience.


  2. I fell for it – you got me. Had a chuckle & meant to comment but the dogs urgently needed to go out. Your statistics need to take into consideration people like me who are easily sidetracked 🤓

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    1. I’ll be upfront here: I have a history fraught with screw-ups, like hitting Publish instead of Save and immediately deleting the unfinished post. Things like that. Most people probably thought I was up to my old tricks. But I’m glad to hear you went for it. Yay!

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