: death, taxes, and :

Rejection. It’s inescapable, too. Everyone, at one time or another, has been spurned or dumped or rebuffed. By a loan officer, maybe, or an editor, college admissions, significant other, job interviewer. It happens. All the time. And you know what? Being rejected is not fatal, although it often feels that way.

Back in Neanderthal times, getting ostracized by the tribe was a virtual death sentence. Humans were slow and ungainly and unarmed, very unlikely to survive on their own. So we should consider ourselves lucky. Which is the purpose of today, Sorry Charlie Day. We’re supposed to take a few moments to consider a past rejection, realize we overcame it, and move on.


Okay, sure, we can do that. We can pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and carry on. While you get started on that, I’ll work on ideas for payback.options
Then, after you’re all dusted off, remember to thank the loyal, steadfast friends who’ve stuck with you. The ones who listen to you whine, the ones who make you laugh, the ones who are always there, and don’t punch you in the heart. Those people are saintly. Gosh, who sh — wait, I know — thank you, mom.

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  1. I like your punchy style, makes a change from reading online rambling …

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    1. What a lovely day brightener, thank you.


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