: bike season approacheth :

biker_tipping hatAnd I’m a little apprehensive, frankly.

Last summer’s accident is too raw; my knee still sports the bright, new scars. Oh, they’ll fade eventually, I’m sure, just like my sense of balance and muscle tone. I need both for a safe, invigorating ride, but the greater concern is my judgment. It’s sorely lacking, and is the direct cause of nearly all my injuries. A lifetime of them.

Get this. I have a bruise on my upper arm from ricocheting into a door frame when I ran to answer the phone. A flipping year ago. The color is muted, but plainly visible. I assume it’s now a permanent feature, aloninjured head_armg with the wrinkles and liver spots. Well, fine, vanity is a young woman’s worry,  recovery time is the real issue here. And a year seems unreasonable.

Who has that kind of time? Crutches and all the rest — slings, tourniquets, casts, unconsciousness — are a huge, cumbersome inconvenience and I don’t relish the hassle. I love riding my bike, I do, but I like walking without stumping along on sticks as well. Much easier, trust me.

So my bike waits patiently to go outside, like a well-trained house pet. It leans against the wall, quiet and uncomplaining, but yearns to be let loose on streets lined with budding trees and freshly green lawns. Me, too, but oy. Fortunately, the tires need air, they’re too squishy to ride on after the long winter. And I can’t decide if that’s an omen or gravity — probably a little of both.

In the end, Ihandlebars’ll succumb to the temptation, I know I will. A glorious, sunny morning with a soft breeze and the smell of new-mown grass will come along and I’ll be overcome, unable to resist the lure of pedaling into springtime and oncoming traffic. Sure, the thought of spending summer in a hospital is powerfully unappealing, but it won’t stop me. No, I’m not that practical. Or cautious. Or sensible. What I am is Hell on wheels. Yehaa.

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  1. Did you learn to ride a bike as a kid?

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    1. Learned? No. Ride? That’s debatable, too. But I was kid. And I taught myself to bounce. Are you a biker, by any chance?


      1. Haha, taught myself to bounce … sounds like you’ve managed to bounce back from the experience! I can ride a bike, like swimming it’s something you never forget once you learn it. Or writing …

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        1. Swimming is the only sport I’m safe doing; you can’t get hurt in water. Well, sharks, I suppose …

          As for writing, I don’t have that down yet, either. Working on it, though. You seem like a natural — lucky dog.

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  2. Straddle the Turtle Avatar
    Straddle the Turtle

    I envy you for even thinking about it. It’s still like winter up here in Milwaukee, and my bike is downstairs hooked up to a thing to ride stationary. I have used it once all winter.

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    1. It’s still cold here, but we had a very few warm spring-like days a couple weeks ago. supposedly the 70s are arriving at the end of the week — I’ll believe it when I feel it.

      Get to work :o/

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