: calling in sick :

bedThat’s a dirty lie, you know. I’m not sick. I just couldn’t come up with a decent idea for a post.

I had plenty of thoughts, but they didn’t pan out into anything I’d attach my name to. Maybe I have a nasty case of brain-lock or brain-clog, because something is definitely gumming up the works. There was a loud whirring sound and then nothing — not even a dial tone — a total meltdown. I tried to reboot, but more drastic measures are necessary. Plunging or abrading at the very least, possibly drilling, and each one is time-consuming.

cloggedSo I apologize for the inconvenience and hope to return to regular programming promptly. Oh, who am I kidding? It’s 70º and sunny, I’ve got spring fever, okay? I’m skipping out. Taking the day off. Playing hookey. Or, my old standby, location scouting.

Rest assured, this is a 24-hour bug; 72 at the most. Well, maybe a week, depending on the forecast. Until then, put the top down and don’t forget the sunblock.

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6 responses to “: calling in sick :”

  1. You run entertainingly on empty … phone in sick more often!

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    1. Isn’t that sad? When I try, I stink. When I’m messing around, I’m almost adequate. Imagine what I could do if I typed in my sleep … zzzzz


      1. Aw, you’re a natural … go with the flow!

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  2. I actually called in “Well” one day. I had time and was sick of working. I wanted a well day off and told them. All was good!

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    1. Do you think ‘well’ days will ever catch on? Imagine the bad karma we’d avoid if we didn’t need to lie to get a personal day. Not that I’d ever consider doing such a thing my own, ahem, self :o)


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