: the unseemly side of reincarnation :

risingIn a salute to Shirley MacLaine’s birthday — #82 and counting — a close look at the phenomenon called reincarnation seems in order. I could have gone with extraterrestrials, but, meh. They’re dull in comparison. Being reborn in a new and different ‘vessel‘ sounds very exotic. A chance at a fresh start with no baggage, no regrets, just a nice, clean slate.

It sounds like a gas, until you consider the various forms your next life could take. They aren’t all fabulous.

Old Shirl, an avowed weirdness expert, insists her past lives have included gigs as a medieval warrior, an orphan raised by elephants (that’s my favorite), a Japanese geisha, and a model for post-impressionist painter Toulouse-Lautrec. Her dog, believe it or not, is a supposed reincarnation of the jackal-headed Egyptian god, Anubis.

Sadly, we can’t all expect the same good fortune. We won’t be reborn as crowned heads and rainbows.

The majority, if karma can be trusted, will land much lower on the scale of possibilities. And, frankly, I’m unwilling to take the chance. If offered the opportunity to return as something else, I’ll politely refuse to roll those dice. There are too many unattractive variables. Gosh, I’m sorry, did I say unattractive? I meant horrifying. Completely off-putting.

scenariosI don’t like taking the bloom off the rose like that, but feel it’s my duty as a blogger to inform you. Reincarnation is a risky business, a flat-out crapshoot, actually. And I’m not eager to be recycled, thank you. That’s what reincarnation is, you know. An aggressive, galaxy-wide recycling program. Please, God, don’t let it be mandatory. Although if Recycling Man is part of things, well, I could be persuaded to do a rethink.

recycle man

Fun SHirley Facts

We may know a little too much about Shirley MacLaine, but here’s more in case you’re interested:

¿ She was born on April 24, 1934 in Richmond, Va. Huh, a southern girl. I don’t see her as a Daughters of the Confederacy type.

¿ She was named after Shirley Temple. Another jarring revelation.

¿ In her high school days, she was a cheerleader. Rah!

¿ Barbra Streisand shares the same birthday and they celebrate together every year.

¿ She’s had a number of alien encounters, both in D.C. and at her ranch in New Mexico. She welcomes their visits.

¿ She saw Atlantis go down!

¿ Only three things are required to make her happy: fresh water, a good hat, and a really good pair of shoes. I recommend Converse All-Stars, the Chuck Taylors — versatile enough for those ever-changing terrains.

¿ She’s not a morning person.

¿ Her philosophy? ‘I haven’t planned a damn thing ever in my life.’ (Ditto, it just hasn’t worked out as well for me.)

¿ As eccentric and batty as she is, you’ve got to love the old girl’s crackpot style.

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12 responses to “: the unseemly side of reincarnation :”

  1. Shirley isn’t a kook or a crackpot. Many people believe as she does & her beliefs have helped shaped their own lives. Don’t sell her short. After all, we could all be wrong…or right!

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    1. Hey, I’m a fan because she is such an unabashed crackpot. we should all be that committed to our own eccentricities :o)


  2. Crackpot is a kind description for Ms. MacLaine. I like her as an actress, but as a reincarnated being, she’s out there. I’ve always been intrigued by reincarnation. Have you ever read or seen the movie, “The Reincarnation of Peter Proud?” Loved the idea of being reincarnated within your own lifetime.

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    1. Raving lunatic seemed a little harsh for such a harmless space cadet. The Reincarnation of Peter Proud, eh? I’ll have to check it out — even though the existential, meditative, meaning of life stuff completely weirds me out.


  3. Really? Those were her past lives? I always thought they sounded a lot like her list of movie roles.

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    1. Hah! Those are the tip of a very deep, very big iceberg. I only read a couple articles, but I was mighty impressed with her imagination — if nothing else.

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      1. I’ve read a few of her books. She’s entertaining.

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        1. I’ve not read her books, but she’s very definitely entertaining. It’s hard to believe she’s 82 and still a nut job — gives me hope.


  4. An aggressive, galaxy-wide recycling program? lol I think you nailed it!

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    1. Thanks, that’s nice to hear! I’ve nothing against recycling, as long as I’m not in the bin.


  5. Straddle the Turtle Avatar
    Straddle the Turtle

    A few more things: She has a cute brother in my opinion. I learned about Chakras from her inner meditation workout video to keep from wigging out when I was on the cusp of menopause. Whacky as she is, I have her to thank for that.

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    1. Oh, he’s cute all right, but he’s so vain. Carly Simon will back me up on that.

      What are chakras? I’ve heard people talk about them and, whoosh, right over my head.


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