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Thirty years ago today, Chernobyl blew sky high.

And what did we learn from this catastrophe? Well, hmm, pretty much nothing. The clean-up is erratic and disorganized; nuclear incidents carry on at a steady rate; Arctic sea-ice melt proceeds unabated, and 93% of the Great Barrier Reef is bleached due to warmer ocean temperatures. So, nah, we didn’t learn much.

Visitors to the weather page will be the exception. Click here to learn the one unexpected and heartening aspect of the world’s worst nuclear disaster. Thank you.

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  1. Straddle the Turtle Avatar
    Straddle the Turtle

    So I clicked on your How’s the Weather link, and then explored the rest of your website. I really like it! Nice job. I will, I swear, get mine up and running…just have to finish updates to my Etsy shop first. You have inspired me – thanks!!!

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    1. Great timing. I spent much of the day dealing with various technical issues that defy solution. I love the Internet, I love my little blog, but gah! It’s exasperating when things don’t work right.

      Thanks, though. I’m happy you don’t notice what puts the wind up my skirt.

      PS. People will wonder if I pay you to plants comments like that.

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  2. I remember when that happened. I was pregnant with Roman and was supposed to accompany my then-husband on a business trip to Germany. The trip was cancelled. The entire incident was a very disturbing one. Not the trip being cancelled but the incident.

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    1. ‘Disturbing’ is spot on. Humans just shouldn’t be messing around with this stuff. We should stick to Play-Doh. Or Legos. Legos are fun.


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