: the road to success :

road closedIt’s a popular destination, success is. Everyone’s in a big damn hurry to get there, get unpacked, and start enjoying the swanky accommodations. Can you blame them? Of course not, there’s a hot tub and room service and everything. However, the road is not well-marked. Between all the distractions and construction detours, folks tend to get lost.

Like me. One wrong turn put me on the road to ruin and I just kept going, mistaking it for a short cut or the road less traveled or, sure, dense forest. While I wandered around searching for an exit, though, I discovered a few things. Tips, really. Things I wish I’d known before starting the pilgrimage to damnation.

For instance, to be successful in the world of communications or business or anywhere, you need the essentials: a sturdy, functioning brain, an Internet connection, a solid plan. I have none of them and I’m paying the price. So is the public at large — otherwise known as innocent bystanders. You see, I caught a nasty case of road rage and haven’t exactly suffered in silence. No, I went into a 72-hour huff, slamming and swearing and sneering.swearing

As a result, I owe deep and sincere apologies to:

the slow-moving, finger-wagging woman I glared at in the Target parking lot.
the bored customer service rep I got lippy with on the phone.
every single driver I flipped off. Sometimes vehemently.
library visitors (and staff) within earshot of my muttered, yet colorful, language.
my stoic, forbearing old computer.
okay, just to be safe, anyone in a four block radius.

I’d no cause to be rude; my behavior was simply inexcusable. So please forgive this shameful lapse in courtesy and civility. I assure you I’ll return once again to my usual good cheer. Any day now. Or week, possibly. Month, at the outside. cheerleader

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  1. Okay, that behavior sounded very normal to me. Kind of sounded like my daily routine. I don’t shop at Target very often though, if ever. Cussing at a computer, old or new, is the only to fix it. I think maybe I’ve taken more than one wrong turn on my road to success. I still don’t know where the hell it is.

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    1. Obviously I don’t either. I’m surprised we haven’t run into each other at a Stuckey’s or a rest stop out here in the boonies.

      I’m trying to rein myself in and be more patient. Today marks a milestone — I haven’t flipped anyone off in four days. New record!


  2. Straddle the Turtle Avatar
    Straddle the Turtle

    How ’bout we give each other room for error? (I learned that one the hard way.)

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    1. Straddle the Turtle Avatar
      Straddle the Turtle

      Oh wait I didn’t mean THEM! I meant let us give YOU room for error, since it was so out of character 🤓

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      1. I’ve gotten so short-tempered and impatient over the last few months. I’m a pain in my own neck, you know?

        So I decided to focus on one nightmare at a time, instead of wrestling with them all at the same time. And losing. Badly.

        Thanks for understanding, Barb. I needed that :o) I’m so glad you popped in!

        How’s the etsy store and your site update going? Do you need motivation?


        1. Straddle the Turtle Avatar
          Straddle the Turtle

          Always need motivation. But I’m beginning to make some progress with Etsy (been stocking my shop) & learning how WordPress works. My being tied up with the puppies has given me time to think what my website should be about. My goals have evolved; there’s been some change of heart on some of my previous ambitions. I’m trusting it will become what it’s meant to be.

          Btw, I finally starting reading Lynda Barry & she’s awesome. Thanks for the recommendation, pal🤓

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          1. There’s something to be said for procrastinating, you know. It isn’t nearly as reckless as rushing things. So I’m glad you’re giving your ideas time to evolve. Smart thinking.

            Glad you like Lynda Barry. She is a gas :o)


  3. Well, sometimes or should I say most of the time some people are not aware of their behavor and need to be called out….

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    1. See, that’s what I was afraid of. So I beat them to it — nert nert nert.

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