: you’re being hoodwinked :

d'ohBy me, the dirty, lowdown whirly girl. I don’t apologize, either. Not for this.

It’s hard to be motivated and original when you’re a shiftless bum, so I cut corners to make up for lack of ambition. I play fast and loose with dates and take the odd liberty. Nothing of any real consequence, I just don’t label everything as accurately as I could. Or should.

Take posts, they aren’t exactly spring chickens. Some get quite long in the tooth, so to keep them looking fresh I’ve dispensed with dates. They’re ageless that way, forever young, but clinging to the order of publication. You can spot the newest one on top, but from there it’s guesswork. You can’t tell how long it’s been between posts. And I’m not telling.

fishMore red herrings pop up on the home page. There’s a widget in the sidebar falsely labeled ‘Today’s Quote’ or ‘Today’s Laugh’ or ‘Today’s’ something. Ha, today’s? Those things sit around moldering far past their prime. I just forget to update or notice.

The weather page is a fusty artifact, too. The Chernobyl content lingers and it’s been, what?, a month? There’s no rush, I like to let things age, like wine. I’d yank stuff quicker if I was embarrassed by it, but I’m not easy to humiliate. Look around, you’re surrounded by proof of that.

Now, I know I promised fresh, engaging material, but let’s not get carried away. I didn’t know how much work it takes to pull off a miracle like that. It’s a boatload. The research alone would be a bottomless time suck. Then there’s concept development, the writing, image searches, design and layout, spellcheck. I’d have no time for the usual 14 hours of sleep.

I can live with the deception.

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2 responses to “: you’re being hoodwinked :”

  1. I have to admire someone who is that comfortable in their skin. I need to learn how to make my posts dateless.

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    1. Gosh, thanks! I pretended to be competent years ago, but it was so stressful I finally quit trying. These days I embrace my mediocrity :o)

      The dateless posts are my favorite feature on WordPress.

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