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For decades my personal motto has been, ‘So?’

Simple, concise, and unambiguous, I keep it in my hip pocket, ready to whip out when I’m losing arguments. As soon as someone starts parading statistics and facts and knowledge, I pipe up with — ‘So?’ It takes the wind right out of them. There’s no good response to ‘so’; sputters and withering looks of hatred mostly.

Now, with the website up and running, I decided a mission statement was in order. A clear pronouncement of standards and direction. So, after consulting with experts from ethics to astronomy I drafted a formal declaration of whirly values. It was an arduous process; my soul was searched and great depths were plumbed.

But this is a club and as a member — however short-lived — you have rights. For instance, you have the absolute right to know when decisions are made on your behalf. Ergo and thus, I present the club’s single defining bylaw:

Please report all suspected cases of non-compliance to Member Relations in the comment form provided.

chatThank you for your cooperation, The Management


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4 responses to “: the mission statement :”

  1. Short and sweet, just like this!


    1. You’re the best! You know that?


      1. I ain’t the best, not the best in town, but I’ll be the best till the best come around … one of my favourite song lines!

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        1. I’ll have to disagree with you. You are the best.


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