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boatThere’s finally a new weather page, only this time we head to an island. And, no, it’s not at all like Gilligan’s; none of those twinkies would’ve survived this place. You see, the closest land is Antarctica and it sits on top of an extinct volcano, plus, there’s a chilling air of mystery for bonus creepiness. You probably won’t need the sunscreen.

Bon voyage, mateys. https://thewhirlygirl.com/hows-the-weather-there/

life preserver

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4 responses to “: a quick fyi :”

  1. Alright, already…
    So I’m interested.
    I’m interested…

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    1. Oh, no. Did you get about 8 dozen email notificatons about this post? I’m so, so, so sorry. I made the mistake of posting by phone. Disaster and mayhem followed. My deepest, sincerest apologies. To everyone. Oy.


      1. No disaster…
        No mayhem…
        Just interest…

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        1. That’s a first! You should win a prize or something. And thank you. I’m relieved there was no unintentional harassment. Yay :o)

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