: mayday, mayday :

heart attackComputer experts recommend emptying the desktop trash on a regular basis. Medical experts caution against startling old people. Those two suggestions become mutually exclusive when one is camped under headphones.

The deadly combination led to my most recent near-death experience. Go ahead and scoff, but it’s true. My heart stopped dead in its tracks the instant I emptied the computer trash — launching me out of my chair and into a bad parody of a pilot ejecting over the Pacific. Why, in the name of all that’s holy, did Apple amp up the sound of the trash? Both the adding and the deleting.

It isn’t a pleasant sound. It doesn’t have a good beat. And you can’t dance to it — unless you count the muscle spasms and flailing as dancing. I don’t; I wanted to stayed seated, thank you. On the upside, no one was around to see me twitching like I’d been tased.

The most curious aspect is, why am I only now tumbling to this? I’ve worn headphones before. I’ve put documents in the trash before. I’ve deleted them. It’s pretty late in the game to find out they’ll throw me into arrythmia or, conceivably, a coffin. Did I miss a software update or something?

Sheesh, next time warn a person before you scare the crap out of them.


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  1. gets me too! I’ve never left the chair, but I’ve shouted ‘gah!’ more than once

    you’d expect apple to have something just a little better… an ‘aaaah!’ or the sound of a paper ball hitting an empty bin

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