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sun_hand-drawnAugust has an unfair reputation as tedious, a month with no holidays or excitement. Excuse me? Did anyone bother to check the calendar or google or look out a window?

August is effing glorious and jam-packed with events. My birthday, for one, is celebrated in August, wcakehich makes me a Leo. So don’t argue. Besides it’s summertime, that alone should be enough to earn it a little respect. Those long, lazy afternoons spent cavorting and basking at the pool are numbered, I’m afraid. Pools will close on Labor Day — marking the unofficial end to summer.

And while I’m on the subject why is that not a day of mourning? Labor Day is the saddest, most wretched observance on the entire calendar. Just the thought brings tears to m — no, forget it. I won’t go there. I’ll provide a list of delightful August activities, instead. It’s woefully incomplete and heavily biased toward my personal tastes, but it will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt this is truly a wondrous, fleeting, humdinger of a month.


Yep, you’re welcome.


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  1. Happy birthday!!! You’re in excellent company with Dorothy & especially Van Morrison (I think I have everything he ever recorded (plus repeats of his younger day songs in his older day voice, which are even better!)

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    1. Aren’t I, though? I guess I’m the exception to prove the rule … And, hotsa matotsa, Van Morrison makes me swoon.

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  2. Love your August planning! 👏👏👏 well thought!

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    1. Why, thank you. I think August deserves a fair shake, unlike February and January. They deserve our contempt.

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