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hell_high waterIt’s unusual to find myself in a hot mess and know what put me there. But I do this time. I know precisely how I got here: I bought a computer and promptly sent my carefully arranged world ass over teakettle.

Silly me, I thought it might be time to join the 21st century, sixteen years late. It wasn’t, though, the operating system is a bitch. Go ahead, try to guess what’s most frustrating about my brand spanking new computer. Never mind, you can’t.

It’s the damn trackpad.

Am I the only one who’s mystified by this hyperactive mechanism? Two fingers, three fingers, tap, swipe, breathe on, blink at, and the cursor hightails it to parts unknown. Windows open. Windows close. Applications appear. Applications vanish. Things beep. I wanted a computer, not a phone. Effing diva.

I like the display, it’s pretty. I like the keyboard, it’s illuminated. I like the keys, they’re quiet. If it wasn’t for the trackpad, I’d be over the moon. Well, and Adobe. Thanks to them, you can’t buy software anymore, only rent. In perpetuity. Or compose your documents in TextEdit, which I’m seriously considering.

This could take a while, you know, this transition, so in the interim I’d like to share something just as dumb as I, but funnier: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XtzoUu7w-YM

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6 responses to “: at a crossroads :”

  1. I • HATE • TRACKPADS! I always install a mouse. I don’t care how uncool it is.

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    1. I thought I hated trackpads until I got the new laptop. It’s more murderous now. (So using a mouse is uncool? Why don’t I know these things?)


  2. Oh my gosh – I hate those things. Get a mouse – seriously. That is the only way to live. I cannot function without mine because of all the stupid crap my touchpad does without me wanting it to.

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    1. I did, but I’ve never opened the box. I know, duh. Thanks for the nudge :o) I also learned you can adjust the trackpad settings in System Preferences, but the mouse sounds easier.

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      1. I’ve tried adjusting trackpad preferences but apparently on mine you can’t change anything I care about, like sensitivity and click settings. Just where the “buttons” are. So yeah, I can’t be without my mouse.

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        1. You probably just saved me 2 hours of frustration. That’s really good to know.

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