: well, look who’s here :

tree_blustery_autumnAutumn, dammit. It showed up at precisely 10:21 (edt) this morning and it wasn’t empty-handed. Oh, no. This year it came bearing a To Do list, in addition to the falling temperatures and dwindling daylight.

At the top of the list is a four-letter word: Move. You see, I have two new neighbors, one above me and one across the hall. The one above me is the very famous My Little Pony. Goodness, what big hooves she has, big and clomping and insomniac. Then there’s the guy across the hall who springs to life every night at 10:30, slamming in and out on the quarter-hour. His activities brought the fire department one morning at 4:30. Usually it’s just the smoke detector and a foul, putrid odor.

I’m anxiously waiting to find out if my rental application has been approved at another place. If it’s not, well, I’ll settle for a room at the Y, a bed in the booby hatch, imprisonment, anything indoors.

tail-waggerThe next item listed is ‘Get a dog.’ To my relief, the new place allows pets under 25#. I’m not sure about the pet policy in the booby hatch, so I’ll wait to cross that bridge until I come to it. But I definitely want a dog, since a squirrel would be impossible to catch.

Last is finding an alternative to Adobe; I won’t rent software in perpetuity, sorry.  I replaced Photoshop ($29.99/month) with Pixelmator (a one-time $29.99 payment) — nert nert nert — now I just need a substitute for InDesign ($19.99/month). QuarkXpress, at an eye-popping $849.00, is out. Apple, of course, has Pages, but, meh, I’m not a fan. So the hunt continues.

Now, if I can get these few things accomplished in the next couple of months, I’ll be all set to sail through winter. I have a healthy stockpile of books, I have Angry Birds 2, plenty of woolens, and my body could use the time off from biking. Not to mention the crashing and clenching. A hiatus will be very welcome, emotionally and physically.

Besides, it is fall, time to gas up the broom and fly.

witch_broom2Beep, beep, gangway.

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    • the whirly girl

      Whoa, is my head swollen? I feel like my head’s swollen? Is it grotesque? Oh, who cares. Thank you, but you know I can’t possibly like up to that. Besides, you’ve got me way beat and you’re British :o)

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      • davekingsbury

        You’re from the US (assume, don’t really know!) so you have Twain and Perelman and Parker and Thurber and, well, Woody Allen! Interesting to consider the differences between Brit and American humour/humor … whoops, there’s one right there!

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