: he’ll do for America what he did for the GOP :

dynamiteDonald Trump will bring this country to its knees.

The dude’s made no contribution to anything; he hasn’t served in the military (five deferments: four for college and one for, get this, bad feet), doesn’t pay taxes, stiffs creditors and employees for personal conspiracy-guygain, lashes out wildly at perceived snubs and slights — both real and imagined — and has an iffy grasp on reality.

He’s working to make America great again, all right, by conjuring conspiracies out of thin air; spotting bogeymen and cataclysm where none exist. Trump is the terrorist we need to fear; he unleashes the worst in all of us. Please, please, please, don’t vote for him.

But, for God’s sake, do vote. If no one on the ballot appeals to you, write in a candidate. Your neighbor or Homer Simpson, your barber, the babysitter, Nixon, anybody but Donald Trump. I’ll be voting for Tom Hanks, myself — I can’t imagine a more dignified, respectable, clear-eyed human being than he. David Letterman will be his vice-presidential running mate. Don’t you think we deserve a good laugh after this debacle? And a totally different perspective?

Fine, then join me in the voting booth on November whatever — the 8th, there, I googled. Together, we’ll keep America out of the hands of a dangerous, short-fingered, delusional nutjob. Thank you.


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16 thoughts on “: he’ll do for America what he did for the GOP :

  1. Agreed on all counts, except who to vote for to stop him. A vote for Homer Simpson or Tom Hanks could very well turn into a vote for Trump. Remember Al Gore? Lost Florida by 573 votes while Ralph Nader garnered 97,000. And Ralph — just like Homer and Tom — had no chance of becoming the nation’s prez. He also, no doubt, took votes away from Al. So W. won that state (with a good deal of assistance by the Supreme Court) and thus the presidency. And we all know how well that turned out. Hate to sound so serious but damn…this is a serious situation. Trump terrifies me.

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  2. I believe it is clear by our candidates that honest, good, leaders are tired of the political situation in America. It is easy to blast Trump but Clintons history does not paint a picture of a rational individual either.
    May God have mercy on America for turning her back on truth.

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  3. I wish to take exception to your characterization of the GOP’s nominee (sic) for President of the United States.
    You state that Trump “… has an iffy grasp on reality.”
    That would imply some sort of grip, no matter how tenuous…
    A hold on at least some of the basics of reality, or, (if that’s too hard to maintain) at least a grip on reality television…
    But to go around defending his own despicable behavior by lambasting others for the very actions he most certainly allows himself to get away with, is the picture perfect example of someone who doesn’t ‘get it’ at all…

    We really mustn’t go around using the English language in this manner…

    Ain’t nothing ‘iffy’ about his grip, at all…
    More like non-existant…!

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