: have you checked the weather lately? :

You should, just to be safe. I’ll make it easy for you, click here and off you go.

Like everything else on our little blog here, the weather page is pretty dicey. It changes, without warning or notice or permission. Of course, that’s kind of the point, I suppose. Look at the seasons, they change four times a year. And within those four seasons there are many more changes, daily ones. Dramatic ones.

Not on the weather page. Oh, it changes, but takes its own sweet time doing so. I apologize. Curiously, the weather page is subject to a phenomenon known as the doldrums in meteorological circles. Curious because this isn’t the equatorial region of the Atlantic Ocean — it’s the damn Internet. But what can you do? The signs are all there. Long periods of calm with light unpredictable winds, then a sudden storm of activity.

That’s the weather page, all right. Out of nowhere, a storm blew in this afternoon. Words rained down, punctuation pinged like hailstones, and voilà, a new post popped out like a rainbow. Seriously. Go  look if you don’t believe me. The wonders of the universe never cease to amaze me.

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8 responses to “: have you checked the weather lately? :”

  1. I’m sorry…

    But given the vagaries of the current electoral cycle (it’s a frickin’ massive piece of crap, coming in at the svelte total of 1,000,006 metric tonnes, and smelling of three-week-old head cheese and penguin flatulence, lovingly combined on a crisp bed of rotting kale and pickle juice… and it (the cycle) has only one the gear and three flat wheels (just in case you were smart enough to buy a spare), no seat and only one pedal, but for some unknown, God-forsaken reason, a perfectly functioning bell… and the stark skeleton of a basket on its bent and rusted handlebars… the total package of which works about as well as politicians ever do, even when they’re not campaigning (which is to say, not at all…))

    I’m sorry…

    But you’re going to have to do better than THAT to convince me there are worse places to be…
    An outer gas giant is looking pretty good to me right now…

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    1. Jeez, stop that. You keep catching me off guard and I snort. Out loud. I wouldn’t mind, but I’m in Barnes & Noble. People are looking.

      Anyway, if it’ll go that far, we could take my broom.

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  2. Thanks for the heads up. Do you advise an umbrella?

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    1. I’ve no idea. Duct tape might come in handy. A selection of crossword puzzles, maybe? After that I’m drawing a blank.

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  3. Very good!

    I’m quite familiar with the doldrums.


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    1. We’re neighbors! Yahoo, I’m glad for the company :o)


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