: oy :

sewage    Just when you think politics can’t possibly sink any lower, here come the backhoes. Craven depravity, we’re learning, is bottomless.

So while politicians are busy embarrassing themselves and the entire effing country, let’s ignore them. They won’t go away, but we needn’t give them an audience. Try these, instead:


Feel better? You should, an occasional laugh is very beneficial to your mental health. Now go buy some earplugs and hum a show tune until, oh, 2036.


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9 responses to “: oy :”

  1. The only thing missing is a rimshot on each joke.

    Well done.

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    1. Aw, you flatterer you. Thanks :o)

      Some could argue this election is a big joke and I’d agree, except it stopped being funny months ago. Ai-yi-yi!


  2. Here’s one I heard recently.

    Will you remember me next year?
    Will you remember me next week?
    Will you remember me tomorrow?
    Knock knock.
    (Who’s there?)
    So you forgot me already!

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    1. Bwahaha, good one. Is there anything in this world more uplifting than a knock knock joke? They’re stoopid, sure, but hilarious.

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      1. Certainly beats politics …

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        1. Ha! So do kidney stones.

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          1. Ouch … watching political debates is like hitting your head against a wall … it’s nice when you stop!

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            1. The debates will seem like a picnic if this keeps up. I just want this thing to end. I think.

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              1. Know just what you mean! Let’s hope …

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