: I’m above this :


Eleven soaring floors above, if you’re counting. The move is officially complete.

Every single thing I own, silverware to sofa, was schlepped up here in a freight elevator over the course of three long, exhausting days. And I have the bruises to prove it, they’re everywhere, even my rib cage. My muscles are strained, my fingernails are broken, and I feel shorter, quite a bit shorter, in fact. But it’s done, finito.

Little did I know when I moved how disconnected an eleventh floor apartment could seem. Here, high above it all, I can ignore the election news. I can stay away from the Internet, avoid television, and pretend the world hasn’t lost its goddamn effing marbles, even as my mind screams, ‘this didn’t happen.’ Nope, it didn’t. The decent, stouthearted America I knew and loved still exists, in much the same manner as Oz and Narnia.

Please tell me this is a nightmare or I’m delusional, something, anything, just not that Trump was actually elected. You know, never mind, it doesn’t matt — ooh, a bull’s-eye. Would you excuse me a moment?


Beep-beep, gangway!

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16 thoughts on “: I’m above this :

    1. I’m working on that as we speak. For starters, this isn’t permanent, we will come out the other side. And maybe the time will go really, really fast. Keep your fingers crossed :o)


      1. If we are, it’s the calm before the storm – it could be a lonely time without trading partners, though I understand Theresa May and Donald Trump could be the new Thatcher-Reagan … let’s hope the fashions are better this time around!

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        1. Yikes!

          You know, Mr. Trump has quite a track record with the ladies. He referred to Hillary Clinton as a ‘nasty woman’ in the debates for showing him up. Apologies for his comments and behavior will start flying as soon as he takes office, I’m sure.

          Why has the world gone crazy this year? What triggered it?

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    1. I have this little squeeze toy, yes I do. It’s a weird yellow man with a small tuft of hair, and when you squeeze him he says, “Relax. Calm Down, Take It EEEZY!” We’ve had a lot of maladroit leaders in this country over time, and we’re still here. I was as shocked as Hillary when I saw the election results on Tuesday. I didn’t think he could win. He didn’t think he could win. But he won. He was elected by a demographic that everyone forgot about; white males. That actor everyone thought was going to doom the country turned out pretty good. Maybe we should get on the ride and see if it’s fun.

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        1. Exit strategists believe that non-college educated white males got out the vote for Trump. That demographic was ignored by the Hillary campaign. They spent their efforts on Hispanic and Afro-American voters which successfully turned out the vote for them. Problem was white male voters weren’t ready for a woman in the white house by over 50%.


        1. You know, I enjoy a good free fall as much as the next person, when there’s a parachute or big, puffy cushion at the end. But there’s neither in this situation, just harsh, painful reality.

          If you find the squeezy toy, would you buy a crate of them? I’ll reimburse you.

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