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text separator_flourishI gave him a week, but he’s still an unhinged megalomaniac. Even worse, Donald Trump is simply inescapable. I don’t watch the news; I don’t listen to the news; I don’t visit news websites. So how come I know he’s hiring and firing, he’s deporting and revoking and scaring the world?

Because he’s a disaster and disasters go viral, that’s why. Body counts, damage estimates, graphic images of devastation and shock, what’s missing are the pleas for aid and assistance. So I’m making one now — Help! I don’t want to roll back to Neolithic times.

I’ve made a good faith effort to ignore him. I tried to carry on by pretending this is a bad dream, but it’s impossible to delude myself when I’m constantly reminded he exists. That he is real — although not necessarily human, tests were inconclusive. And, yes, this is a nightmare.

Well, enough. Time for an ultimatum. Trump’s got 24-hours to grow up and act like a decent, rational person or I’ll have no choice but to stick my head in the oven and bake at 350º for one hour. It’s electric, but the thought still counts.


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  1. All I can say to a man with such a hairdo is…

    “Hair today… gone tomorrow!”

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    1. Heh!

      Nowhere in nature does that color even exist. As for the ‘do, I read it’s an exorbitantly expensive weave. In the same price range as ransom demands.

      What a flipping peacock. No pun intended.


      1. I’ll have you know that that color DOES exist in nature…
        It’s the color of a Crayola box of crayons…
        And it goes by the name of (and I SWEAR I am not making tis up…) Unmellow Yellow…

        I mean…


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        1. Whoa, Unmellow Yellow, huh? I wasn’t even close. I’d have guessed Pepperidge Farm Goldfish orange.

          Thanks for clearing things up :o)

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  2. Don’t think he is growing up any time soon. So just want to tell you I will miss your posts if the oven gets you.

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    1. Thanks! I’d miss you and your gorgeous gravatar, too, but I’ll tell you a secret: I’m heat resistant.

      The oven thing was an empty threat. It’ll be like sitting under a hair dryer and I apologize for being a drama queen.


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