: okay, I’m on to this now :

finger-snapAsk anyone, I’m no stranger to peculiar thinking. It’s sort of my normal, so I’m comfortable with crazy. Except in a President-elect. Then it’s scary.

Have you noticed when the media turns up the heat on Trump’s numerous and far-reaching conflicts of interest, the financial irregularities, the tax dodging shenanigans, actual newsworthy stuff, he tweets delusional and disturbing messages 1 as a distraction? A few days ago the New York Times published a piece on his widespread kleptocratic possibilities, so he launched a tweet advocating prison for flag-burners and/or stripping them of citizenship.

What, huh, flags? Where does he come up with this stuff? Ignore the fact flag-burning is protected by the Constitution; Hell, ignore the Constitution — except for the second amendment, of course — and lock ‘em up. Lock everyone up. Ship them to Siberia. Send them on a hunting trip with Dick Cheney. Ooh, better yet, waterboard their asses.

Oy. It’s going to be a long four years.

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1 In today’s non-specific, detail-free tweet, Trump claims he’s leaving his ‘great business’ because it’s ‘visually important’ not to have a conflict of interest. Please, allow me to clarify: it’s okay to have a conflict of interest as long as it doesn’t appear that way. Again, oy.

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  1. I’m trying to hunker down in my studio, make stuff and ignore him, but it’s not easy. He’s so loud!

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    1. Get this: I heard about a guy in Atlanta (I think) who became so stressed out by the campaigning that he quit listening, watching, reading, and interacting socially. He wears headphones outside of his house and says he still doesn’t know who won the election. The lucky dog.

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      1. I envy him. What is it about me that needs to know? I had decided after November 8 to do a sort of “politics light” – keep up on the surface but don’t dig deep… but he’s so “in your face” even when his handlers try to shackle his mouth. Gonna be a long 4 (praying to the gods not 8) years.

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        1. After many days of teeth-grinding angst, I’ve found a new attitude: I look at politics and the news as a wildly funny sitcom. I don’t ponder the consequences or the eventual fallout, I just look at it as entertainment, an over-the-top farce. Then go on about my day.

          This way, maybe I’ll avoid a stroke?

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