: there’s a catch to happy :

confusedD’oh, why am I surprised? Because I wasn’t thinking, that’s why.

But it’s impossible to be clearheaded and methodical when your upstairs neighbor is a wellspring of noise and mental distress and sleep deprivation. I was flipping desperate to move, okay? I didn’t waste time thinking. And, as luck would have it, I wound up here, where I’m perfectly content.

See, I’m eleven lovely stories above the everyday world, with only the sky for a neighbor. There’s nothing to flee, no hubbub to escape, and no reason to search for respite elsewhere. I’ve lost my incentive to go anywhere. Can you blame me? It’s December. No one in their right mind wants to be outside, where it’s cold snow_urban and windy and bleak. I’d rather sit on my keister and watch movies.

And there’s the catch. Inertia isn’t a healthy lifestyle or even much of a life, really. I’d be a flabby weirdo in no time. Heh, well, nuts to that. I plan to maintain my girlish figure and Wonder Woman delusion forever, so I’ve adopted a new fitness policy called: Taking the Stairs. I don’t mean a few flights, either, I mean all  eleven floors.

stair-climberYesterday was the maiden voyage and I started with enthusiastic resolve, marching up floor after floor after floor. By the time I reached five I started to sputter, at seven I flagged, at ten I was just hauling myself up by the railing. I made it, though, and burst into the hall on wobbly knees. I wanted to yodel or do the Tarzan yell, something, but I’d no breath left in my lungs.

I wish I could say it was a good feeling, but it wasn’t. I was too dizzy and oxygen deprived to enjoy my little accomplishment. I just leaned on the wall and lurched onwards, willing myself home. Where I promptly planted my ass and watched a movie while my heart rate return to normal.

C’mon, I’m not crazy. I’ll still use the elevator as my main form of transportation. Stairs are for special occasions, such as aerobic exercise and escaping fire. Slinky races, that stuff. Now, if you’ll excuse me, Mrs. Doubtfire is calling.


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19 thoughts on “: there’s a catch to happy :

    1. I’d never really thought of quiet as a luxury before, but I do now. It’s a wonderful thing. So is sleeping peacefully, uninterrupted, for hours on end.

      But .. I need to get out more. Or, sometimes, at least. Oy!

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  1. I applaud your effort doing it all in one go but if you don’t want to get discouraged try doing a few floors for a few days then build up gradually. Before you know it you won’t be using that elevator any more at all. The stairs will be your main entrance and exit from your building.

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    1. Building up is a smarter idea; I’ll give it a go.

      And you’re a walker, right? So how often do you walk and do you continue through the winter? I was planning on three days a week, but is that enough?

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      1. I’m no pro but I think three days a week is great. I think you will find it will become a habit and you will be doing it every day. As for my walking, I was doing 5 miles a day, 5-7 days a week. I just found that I needed to do it to keep sane. I was really sick in November and stopped walking on 3rd of November. I am just on my 3rd day back now and am starting out at 2-3 miles for awhile. It will take me awhile to get back to 5 after a month of not doing anything. I do walk in the winter and if the weather gets really bad I mall walk.

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        1. I’m sorry, being sick stinks. It throws everything out of whack. Not that I’m ever in whack, but still.

          I admire you for keeping at it even in winter. That takes guts! If I had any I’d go outside instead of hanging out in a stairwell. A view would be nice.

          Thanks for your guidance and get well quick :o)


  2. OK! I LOVE the idea of the stairs – soon you will be getting to the top then running back down just so you can run back up again! Believe me – I have been there. It is a KICK! But One flight at a time. OK? Tomorrow walk five flights then jump in the lift, do five for a week, then six for a week and the seven for a week and on and on. Poor girl. You must be exhausted doing all 10 at one time. And ALSO what movies are you watching – I need some! c

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    1. Hey, celli!

      I wondered if I should start small and build my way up to 11, but I really wanted to see if I could do it. I do so love a challenge. Today I even hauled my backpack along!

      Now that I know I’m not a wuss, I’ll do the sensible thing and try your way. When it gets to be too easy, I’ll haul out the bike and ride up :o)

      About movies; have you seen The Newsroom with Jeff Daniels? It’s avsolutely terrific. Daddy’s Home with Mark Wahlberg? How about Grace and Frankie with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin? That’s my new favorite.


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