: vive la socks :

yayGuess what. People aren’t nearly as divided as we think. Oh, we may disagree, we might call each other names, but we all agree on what we want for Christmas. New socks. Those babies are flying out of stores and landing under trees from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam. Finally.


I’ve rhapsodized about socks for years, yammering away to anyone who’d listen. Most people ignored me, but what can you do, right? I’m a Glamour don’t, totally outré. This is the first time I’m anywhere close to fashion forward and it’s a trip.

What took you all so long is the question? Few things scream hip and cozy louder than socks. They’re effing delights. Retailers express surprise. Shoppers are blown away. And everyone uses the word ‘suddenly’ when referring to the explosive demand. Snap out if it and jump on the bandwagon. Socks are the kings of footwear, the grand poobahs of soft goods, and the year’s hottest gift. To give and receive.

They come sporting pop icons, swear words, cartoon characters, polka dots, stripes, paisley, kitsch, anything and everything. In wool, cotton, cashmere, fleece. It’s finally a sock lover’s world and not a moment too soon, either. Feet are hard on the eyes.foot

They’re great and very useful, but terribly unsightly. Socks are a kindness. They cover your feet so they won’t be laughed at, then go a step farther. Socks give feet a personality, something many people are lacking. And now, thanks to the resurgence of socks, we can all have one. Or dozens. We’re free to be wildly schizophrenic. One day, bold. The next day, frilly. Then jaunty. Or saucy or traditional or artsy. Whatever we damn well feel like, whenever we feel like it.

Socks are the new emojis. And, thanks to them, we’re considered unique individuals instead of weirdos.  Yay, socks :o)


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13 responses to “: vive la socks :”

  1. And with all those socks you can change them every day …

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    1. Another bonus! The list just keeps growing :o)

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  2. I’m with you! Love love love my socks 🤓
    Most of my clothing is black so I don’t have to waste time matching tops & bottoms, but my sock drawer is full of color & design 🎨

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    1. What is this matching you speak of? Is it hard? Would I like it?

      See, I have a pretty intricate system for getting dressed: grab what’s on top. But I do linger over sock selection : o)

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  3. I love it!

    More than socks even.

    Thank you!

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    1. More than socks? Holy moly and wowza! Thanks :o) How will I ever top that?


  4. Well, okay…
    Socks are useful.
    And they can be fun, and engaging… if you insist on it…
    But they aren’t worth a dang in the snow.
    Or a summer downpour.
    Or a puddle.
    Or an ocean.
    Or a nice stream flowing through the back 40.
    Or a…

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    1. Oh, come on, do you live in a rain forest under a shoe ban? Socks are bliss.

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      1. No, I live in New England, where it’s snowing right this minute…
        Ain’t gonna catch ME going out in the snow with just my Fuzzy Wuzzy’s on… We’re talking industrial grade waterproofing around here…

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        1. It’s doing the same thing here. I won’t go out there in a tank, yeee.

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          1. I’ll go out in it…
            Just not in my stocking feet!!!

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      2. And what would a shoe ban look like…?
        Perhaps a cloven version of a Ray ban?
        Something worn by them there sheriffs what are too ding dang lazy to run anywhere…
        Something more like, say, a sock, perhaps…?

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