: santa isn’t a mind reader :

santa_doofusHe doesn’t have a crystal ball, either. You need to tell him what you want for Christmas, otherwise Santa will use his own judgment. Are you good with that? Are you comfortable letting an elderly hermit whose closest friends are elves select your presents? I don’t think you are.

He’s a great guy, generous to a fault, just not terribly au courant, you know? He tries, he does his best, but things get busy and he makes snap judgments that don’t always work in our favor. It’s possible he wouldn’t know Jimmy Choo from Jiminy Cricket, and, yes, he may confuse a Pixel with a woodland sprite. Let’s avert disaster: ask.

It’s easy. Speak up. Enunciate. Be clear and precise in your descriptions. Whenever possible include sizes, colors, brand names, model numbers, sources, all the relevant details. Your success as a giftee depends heavily on the way you ask. There is a right way and there is a wrong way. Learn the difference.


The best advice? Use common sense. Don’t do anything that will confine you to the naughty list for eternity. Don’t pick Santa’s pocket, don’t kidnap an elf, don’t lie in wait beside the chimney to snatch the dude’s bag of presents.

Behave yourselves. And good luck, boys and girls.


copyright © 2016 the whirly girl


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