: well, this is embarrassing :

duhI’m at a loss for words. For some unknown reason I can’t think of a thing to say. The cat doesn’t have my tongue. My lips aren’t sealed. I’m just drawing a blank. I rummaged around all morning, looking under synapses and behind neurons, hoping to find an old idea that might spark a thought. No luck.

So I did what I usually do in these situations, I watched the cursor blink and listened to the coffeemaker — it was busy burbling and roiling. I like listening to the coffeemaker, it’s soothing. I pretend it’s my head percolating with fresh ideas. It’s such a happy, hopeful sound, unlike a train whistle which is utterly forlorn. Air raid sirens, too — those give me goose bumps they’re so creepy.

But the coffeemaker is a giddy little chatterbox. I sat and listened contentedly as I waited for a thought to occur. Now, look at the time, and I’m still waiting. It’s possible I’ve been stood up.

I, uh, guess you have, too. Sorry.


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18 thoughts on “: well, this is embarrassing :

  1. It takes real skill to write entertainingly on sweet fanny adams … remember buying a book on passing exams which recommending inventing an answer with all sorts of bogus references … my dad was appalled and burned it!


    1. I take it your dad, too, was a teacher? They had my number and I had theirs, it was a daily stand-off. I so love teachers, even now I can spot ’em a mile away.

      But I learned early how to bullshit (it’s the only proper word for it, sorry) my way through any test or quiz they could come up with. It’s the verbal equivalent of arm waving — hey, look over here. Some were amused, but most loathed my cavalier attitude to studying. ‘Doesn’t apply herself’ was on every report card I ever received. College, too.

      Great, now I have words! sheesh Sorry :o/


      1. He was, briefly, then a taxman. Specialised in unpopular jobs. He was always very moral, frowned on any rule-dodging. Before Uni I took a casual job and they wanted to pay me cash in hand – my dad refused to let me take my earnings and reported them to the local tax office, saying he could lose his job if it got out he’d turned a blind eye!

        They must have been gnashing their teeth, those teechers, when you passed your exams despite their warnings. Or were you in their power because of the grade system?

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  2. Excellent. I see what you did there…

    Now, if I could only think of something witty in response.

    There must be something.

    The cursor is flashing.

    But nobody’s home.

    Ah well, I guess that pithy response will show itself at some point.

    Though I fear the moment has gone…

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