: a lesson I learned from my socks :

 I’ve never claimed to be the smartest, shrewdest person on earth, but I’m not a doorknob, either. I can think. I can understand. I’m equipped with cognitive function. So I know when I’m being insulted and I was insulted by my socks.

The sock manufacturer, anyway. Socks can’t talk — unless you put them on your hands and turn them into sock puppets, then yackety-yackety-yak. They don’t shut up, but they’re usually affable and good-natured. I can’t say the same for Fruit of the Loom, though. They took a cheap shot at every single sock buyer in the world with their care instructions: Do not iron.  Really?

Do they really think customers are so flipping stoopid they must be warned not to iron socks?

Well, they’re right. We’re stoopid … for buying their crummy merchandise. Against my better judgment I went ahead and bought a three-pack of white crew socks for $6, brought them home, laundered them according to the sharply worded instructions, and what happened? They strangled my legs. I mean it, the socks were so damn tight I got muffin tops wearing them. Right there on my bony shins, actual muffin tops.

Caveat emptor, indeed. Be a wise emptor and caveat those dudes at Fruit of the Loom. They’ll throttle your ankles.

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16 thoughts on “: a lesson I learned from my socks :

  1. So … did you ever figure out what happens when socks are ironed? Do they mutate into frizzy sock-monsters? Does the iron trigger a thermo-nuclear reaction that will wipe out your building and the two or three adjacent ones?

    Please let me know if you found out – I’m dying of suspense over here.

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    1. Okay, I did some investigating on my own, so this might fall in the fake news category, but it’s all I have.

      The package says the socks are 100% polyester — ew — so my guess is, they’d melt if they were ironed. Or burst into flame? Something flammable, anyway. Or, no, release toxins into the air. Do any of those seem reasonable?

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