a reminder: life’s still worth living

Dear Reader:

Please bear with me, I had to get this off my chest. Now, I’ll pack up my rancor and move on, think about something besides the train wreck in Washington. I‘ll try, anyway. I promise. Right after I thumb my nose this one last time. Thank you for your patience.

The Management

And this is still a grand and glorious country. Despite Mr. Trump’s joyless inauguration speech, which, I’m convinced, was merely a ploy to position himself as America’s savior. The fact we don’t need salvation is irrelevant; the entire point is to create a dystopian perception so he can ride to the ‘rescue.’ Or blame Obama. It’s called branding, a marketing technique he’s relatively good at.

He can talk the talk, all right, he just can’t walk the walk. DJT is genetically incapable of sustaining the grandiose brand promises he tosses around so casually. His numerous bankruptcies attest to that. Even in his magical world of optical illusion and ‘alternative fact’, chronic financial failure is a strong indicator of reckless decision-making and flawed judgment — at a minimum. His flagrant disasters are no exception; they’re epic, they’re public, and much to his regret, they’re well-documented.     

Do not lose heart. America isn’t Sodom or Gomorrah and we aren’t a bleak wasteland. Not yet, anyway. Whether the same will be true in six months remains to be seen. In the interim, it helps to remember the good stuff. Things Trump can’t withdraw or repeal or halt or affect in any way. To assist in this process, I hereby present a biased, but irrefutable, list of blissful pleasures in no particular order:

It might be a good idea to start a list of your own. That way, you can refer to it as the need arises. If I may, I’d like to close with a quote from Tiny Tim: ‘God bless us, every one.’ Just be prepared to run for your life.

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5 responses to “a reminder: life’s still worth living”

  1. I’ve been trying to stay positive as the news chips away at my feeling of well being, but today’s updates sunk my spirits…a lot. Thank you for posting this, because if YOU can say life is still worth living then I suppose I can buck up and make a happy list to be thankful for, too.

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    1. I do say life’s worth living, but it gets harder and harder to believe with that clown destroying everything decent and civil and hopeful. And not just in the US, the whole world. What is the Senate doing? And the House of Representatives? Flipping bunch of greedy cowards!

      Sorry, but I passed steamed yesterday. Gah

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  2. Gracefully Global Avatar
    Gracefully Global

    I wish it were enough! I’m even scare to check my phone these days. There seems to be a horrible NY Times push notification at every turn, not the least of which the last one about building the wall …

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    1. I know! It gets progressively worse daily and it’s way past alarming already. The scariest part is, no one in the government has the balls to stand up and say this is wrong. No one. Protest marches will soon be the national pastime. Oy.

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      1. Gracefully Global Avatar
        Gracefully Global

        Yes, exactly, that’s what people seem to be saying, more and more… :(

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