: another blow :

Mary Tyler Moore has passed away.

As Mary Richards, she was the girl we all aimed to be. I fell way short, but who didn’t, really? She was one grand, incomparable dame and her loss is heartbreaking and hobbling. However, I’d like to pay tribute by paraphrasing a line from the greatest episode of her show — hell, the greatest episode from network tv, period — Chuckles the Clown’s funeral:

A little song
A little dance
A little seltzer
Down her pants

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4 responses to “: another blow :”

  1. Agreed on all counts. There was no one like Mary and that was the best episode (and that bar was extremely high).

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    1. Whenever I wear flats I feel like Laura Petrie. And when I had my first real, grown-up job interview I felt like Mary Richards. In a flashback episode, Lou Grant said to her ‘you’ve got spunk.’ Mary turned shy and nodded. Lou said, ‘I hate spunk.’

      I still miss that series. Now, her, too.

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