: surviving a weaponized Liberace :


The constant drama and bomb-throwing; the tastelessness and ostentation; the hair-proud flamboyance; the glittery distractions. It’s too much stress for me. So I’m in a self-imposed exile from the Internet and television and DJT. I’m simply worn out. The fuming over foolishness I can’t stop and can’t possibly fathom is too exhausting.falling-piano

If the last ten days are anything to go by, the world is on the brink. Why waste time listening to Trump interpreters explain the inexplicable? Besides, no ‘president’ should require that much explanation. The dissension and chaos coming from the White House speaks clear enough: this administration is in a desperate mess. There’s no strategy or plan or order. Best not to listen. Best not to know and despair.

Best to buy a toaster and relax. To sprinkle cinnamon sugar on warm, buttered bread and read a book. We need to return to a sane goddamn life and forego the constant upheaval that is the hallmark of Donald Trump and his venal band of demolition experts. They can blast away at the foundation of America, but I won’t watch. And I can’t stop them. The GOP could — and should — but doesn’t.

Mr. Trump is a vulgar crime against humanity.


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7 responses to “: surviving a weaponized Liberace :”

  1. Agreed. On all counts. I have made myself physically ill with all that is Dictator Trump. I must stop.

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    1. I’m doing better by avoiding the news, but he’s still there, isn’t he? No, don’t tell me …

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  2. I firmly believe that if we could all just manage to quietly but firmly ignore the little shit, he’d probably end up abdicating…
    I mean really ignore…
    Throw him off Twitter…
    De-face him on Facebook…
    March on D.C. and just stand there looking up at the White House, without saying anything… no slogans, no rallying cries, no laughter…
    I’m trying to do my part…
    And you, my friend, seem to be more in need of a deep De-Trumpifestation even than I am…

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    1. You’re right. Ignoring him would irritate him, He wants everyday to be a rally with himself as the center of attention.

      My exile is helping. I check the headlines — if there are no red callouts or breaking news banners I move along promptly. I lapsed yesterday with the travel ban, but I’m back to denial.

      What bothers me most is the helplessness. I’ve never been good at that. Let’s stick together and get through this. Deal?

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