: gesundheit :

Healthcare? We don’t need no stinking healthcare. We can sneeze our way to vim and vigor.

And now’s  a good time to learn about the body’s natural defenses, find out how they work. We’ll need to rely on our immune system more and more in the coming months and years, since we can’t afford to get sick. Sneezing just may be our best weapon, plus they’re often followed by a blessing. We’ll need those.

In a nutshell, a sneeze is the respiratory equivalent of vomiting.

It’s a sudden, powerful explosion of air from the nose and mouth. That’s all it takes to send airborne irritants flying, things like bacteria and cooties, bright sunlight, pollen. The nose, you see, is a highly sensitive apparatus. It detects intruders, then enlists the aid of the full body to expel them: throat, chest, diaphragm, and abdomen. Ah-choo, Ah-Choo, AH-CHOO. Voilà, problem solved.

Here are some interesting facts :

Ladies and gentlemen, be good to your noses. Treat them well. No matter how bumpy or crooked or unsightly, your nose is a lifesaver.

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  1. How interesting that they can travel that far . What useful information. One could deliberately infect others ….. oh the power :)

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  2. Well not all Respiratory problems can be Sneezed away I guess, also sneeze is a good symbol that we are encountering an Infection and should be cautious in future.. But you are right we need to stop relying more on antibiotics and let our body heal with the natural Immune System. :D

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  3. Your nose knows.
    I have one of the loudest sneezes I have ever heard. I have always been embarrassed by it and people’s reactions to it. Then I met people from my paternal side who were quite proud when they heard me sneeze. Apparently, it is a family trait.

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