: when a post stinks :

Accept it and move on. It’s discouraging and frustrating, but it happens.

Heck, it’s happening here — now. I’m busy composing a stinker even as I consider defaulting to a reblog. That seems like a real wuss move, though. What I should do is just not publish a post today. I should cut my losses and walk away. I’m not under contract, so why am I banging out a pointless, embarrassing post?

Excellent question.

I’m avoiding the shower, if you must know. Getting cleaned up is exhausting. For starters, I have to take my clothes off. I hate taking my clothes off, they’re warm. But let’s say I manage to get in the shower — it will be hours before I drag myself out. Looking in the mirror afterwards I see the frightful reflection and think, ‘ohmygod, I can’t fix this.’

I need the Red Cross or FEMA; I need disaster relief. Panic sets in while I scramble around in a desperate attempt to restore order. I don’t know where to start, but I can’t go anywhere looking like that. It’s too awful. So I grab blow dryers and brushes and wands; I comb and spackle; I sand and caulk and varnish. It’s an intensive do-it-yourself project, one better left to professionals.

By comparison, sitting in my pjs and pounding out mindless drivel is sheer delight. My sincerest apologies to you, the innocent victims of this gruesome disaster

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8 responses to “: when a post stinks :”

  1. Tell you what’s worse, sitting here in my pj’s reading it while I should be doing one of my own … ;)

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    1. Nah! Isn’t it bedtime where you are? You’re suitably dressed and quite tasteful, as well :o)

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      1. The only time I get out of my pj’s is when I go to bed … even my jokes fall flat

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        1. Heh, I’m grateful when it’s only my jokes falling flat. Usually, it’s me.

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  2. … but, but but…
    Anchovies are, um… fish…
    One would assume that they would like it in the showe…

    Oh, all right!!!

    Thick crust, or thin?

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    1. Hahaha, thick. And lots of napkins :o)

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  3. It is now, where I reside, approaching within spitting distance of bedtime…
    Which means those PJ’s I never shed earlier in the day now look like a perfect, bona-fide, prime-time example of fortuitous advance planning, on an epic scale…
    The kind of forward thinking that has led this great country of ours through thick and thin (… and I’ll confess, possibly a little stinky, okay, sure…), over hill and dale, snacking on Chip and Dale, and just in general making quite a dale of the whole mess…

    Your post was far from a “stinker”…

    And I can’t possibly begin to evaluate your personal stinky-ness, as I’m currently suffering from my own bout of myopic miasma…

    So there…!

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    1. I’m proud to announce I sucked it up and got in the shower. I’m still there and I, uh, missed dinner. Please, send a pizza — no anchovies.


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