: a quick performance review :

You have to hand it to the loser media, they’re good. They keep discovering new and alarming evidence of corruption, deceit, and backchannel communications with the Russians.

Not one to be deterred, Mr. Trump carries on with the wiretapping / crooked Hillary malarkey. The dude is a broken record. Why doesn’t he just come up with a new delusion, like Obama put crazy juice in the water or makes middle of the night prank calls, asking if the refrigerator’s running?

Even Merriam-Webster is calling Trump’s bluff. Yep, the dictionary people. When Trump and his minions distort the meaning of words to suit their purpose, @MerriamWebster tweets off a link to the actual definition and offers an example of proper usage. Clarity is such a wonderful thing.

In a recent interview Ivanka Trump said she didn’t know what it meant to be complicit. As a public service, Merriam-Webster whipped off a tweet enlightening us all with the proper definition. They’ve done the same with ‘fact’ and ‘feminist’, ‘nepotism’, ‘calamity’ and ‘witch hunt’. ‘Snollygoster’, too.

Not that it will make any difference to the Trump crowd, since their whole purpose is obfuscation. But we’ll know and we can point at them and laugh at their stoopidity. Which is better than crying. Or the gnashing of teeth. Or believing a word they say.

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  1. He’s just using ‘alternative definitions.’

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    1. Alternative, irrational. Why split hairs, right? :o)

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