: unscheduled maintenance :

See? Pictures of tools and hard labor. Proof I’m working.

Just not on my website or anything connected to my website or, you know, actual thought. I’m up to my neck in lovely spring afternoon. Who knows how many we’ll be allotted, right? Since weather is a hopelessly mercurial tyrant, it’s best to grab every pleasant day that comes along and wring the everlasting zest out of each minute.     

I’m stocking up on fresh air and sunshine now because, before long, I’ll be hauling the bike out of storage. And you know what that means: hospitalization. But there’s also a slim, very remote chance I could, by some miracle, squeak by with minor injuries this year, like crutches. Well, it’s nice to dream, anyway.

Smarter, though, to cover my ass and make hay while the sun shines. So have a nice da–  I’m talking to myself, aren’t I. There’s absolutely no one here. You know how I can tell? The echo is a dead give away. You could’ve at least waited, given me a chance to say class dismissed or at ease or something. But, no, you sneak off without a word. And after all the trouble I went to to prepare a nice post.

Heh, I’ll remember this.

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