: you can bite me :

What? You look confused. It’s Grilled Cheese Day, dammit.

Why aren’t you stuffing your face with warm, gooey cheese wrapped inside a toasty crunch? Look at the picture. No, look away. You’ll drool, short out the keyboar — aw, crap. Well, grab a towel and wipe that up. Sorry, I should’ve waited until after lunch.

There are few greater pleasures in all the world than the classic grilled cheese sandwich. Or plateful of sunshine, whichever. You see one of those parked in front of you and, shazam!, life is worth living, winter or summer.

The crunch, the steamy aroma, all that soft, melty cheese, greasy fingers to lick — you’re holding heaven in two hands, my friend. So why are we messing with it? Step away from the ciabatta bread and the focaccia, put down the Gorgonzola and pesto, the bacon and all the rest. Just stop, okay? The grilled cheese is perfect the way it is — two slices of bread, some butter, two slices of cheese, and a skillet. Maybe an occasional tomato slice. Or two.

Not everything needs to be refurbished and upscaled. ¹ Some things can’t be improved, they’re already perfect. Natural wonders. Like you, for instance. You’re ideal, an exemplary human being. Even with your foibles and idiosyncrasies and shortcomings you’re a delight. How would you like it if you were constantly undergoing renovation and updating and fixing? You wouldn’t. You’d resent it.

So imagine how the grilled cheese feels. We need to stop the tinkering, ladies and gentlemen, just enjoy it for what it is. An incredibly tasty sandwich, period. It isn’t new, it isn’t improved, but the grilled cheese is a magnificent masterpiece all the same. Exactly as nature intended.

Yeah, you, too.

Happy Grilled Cheese Day, boys and girls!

copyright © 2017 the whirly girl

¹ This post needed renovation, though, it’s a reblog from 2015. Like they say in the construction industry, it had a good foundation, but a fresh coat of paint was called for. And new curtains. Curb appeal is so important on the Internet.

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  1. Mmm … cottage cheese may be healthier but it’s nowhere near as much fun!

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    1. BLTs are awfully good, too. And reubens. Club sandwiches. But the grilled cheese is simple and easy and oh-so-good. It’s in my comfort food category.

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