: can someone die of boredom? :

In a word, no. Or I’d be standing at the Pearly Gates, since I’m bored out of my cotton-pickin’ mind. Seriously, I’m just this side of comatose.

Taking a walk or riding my bike, yes, those could kill me dead. Boredom, however, is said to be a gateway to creativity. It pushes us to find something new and meaningful in our current situation. When we’re bored, our mind wanders from the conventional and predictable and scurries off  into the uncharted territory of innovation. A place the buttoned-down set thinks is somewhere just south of asinine.

Do you know what Einstein was doing when he came up with his world-altering Theory of Relativity? Working at a patent office in Zürich. The job itself required attention, but it wasn’t demanding work and provided the perfect atmosphere for productive daydreaming. Of course, the fact he was a flipping genius was helpful, too.

I’m no genius, but as you can clearly see, I am bored senseless. My apologies for the false start and all, perhaps I’ll have better luck next time. Oh, a delusion, that’s promising …

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2 responses to “: can someone die of boredom? :”

  1. Well, then…
    What would happen if you tried to kill yourself with boredom…?

    Would your bike riding improve…?

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    1. Sadly, no, nothing will improve my bike riding. It’s become a mental thing; I choke. Did you see the Frasier episode where he was learning to ride a bike? I’m Frasier — at high speed. The death by boredom would at least be painless.

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