: okay, remind me, who are the terrorists? :

Is it me or do the last 3+ months seem like a thinly veiled government program to rid the country of undesirables?  First, it was immigrants, then environmental protections and climate science, now they’ve moved on to the sick and elderly and disabled. Is this the GOP thinning the herd, creating an all-white, all-wealthy America?

This is effing scary.

But what’s just as appalling as the repeal of Obamacare is the fact they’re boasting about it. And making plans to deliver the longed for tax cut  to the ultra wealthy. Oh, boy, just think of the campaign donations and the major, major gifts from lobbyists headed their way. But first, a well-earned vacation hiding from constituents.

Oy. This government is a disgrace.

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16 thoughts on “: okay, remind me, who are the terrorists? :

  1. A disgrace and an outrage. What happened to a land of laws or do they only apply to the common man now. What happened to the constitution? I will be back for this with your permission.

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    1. What happened is a great question and I’d like an answer, too. This isn’t a government any longer, it’s a flipping assault.

      And you’re certainly welcome to use the post! Thanks :o)

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  2. I’m definitely with you on that one! The only real solution is an educated and informed public that is willing to resist misinformation and xenophobic drivel. Freedom and democracy require active participation and a willingness to face the truth of our own errors in judgment.


  3. It’s my belief from observing political trends that we’ll see the disintigration and eventual collapse of ‘united’ Europe, USA and its subservient poodle, the united kingdom.

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  4. I’m with you on that one. And the madness is still spreading over here in the UK by the sound of it. All we can do is keep saying “no” – sanity will return one day, I promise you.

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  5. It seems, from a UK perspective, to be a tad contradictory. Saying that, we have our own problems with our Brexit idiots. It looks like the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

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    1. These may not be the worst of times, but they’re pretty flipping awful. So let’s stick together and resist the lunatics. They’re everywhere :o|


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