: please pardon our dust :

The United States is undergoing an implosion. Now under new, um, management, a complete demolition of the foundation is in progress. Reason, logic, and good judgment are quickly being replaced by vanity, self-interest, and corruption. So be careful where you step in your mad dash for an exit. Any exit.

Although an unstable, twitchy individual is in charge of renovations, rest assured Mr. Trump has the full aid and support of the GOP.  In addition, he’s assembled a staff of misfits and yes-men to cheer his every deplorable move. The current government of the United States becomes more unfettered by ethics and wisdom on a daily basis. Demolition, unfortunately, is expected to continue throughout the year — if not forevermore.

Spasibo and dasvidaniya, comrades.

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12 thoughts on “: please pardon our dust :

  1. I mean, i get that you are frustrated, but please, can we STOP talking about Trump. i don’t like him anymore than you but still, a pimple looks bigger to you than other people ;)


  2. Isn’t ‘goodbye’ in Russian spelt ‘do svidaniya’? (до свидания) If you’re heading in that direction you may need to brush up your language skills!

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    1. You know, I probably should’ve asked Mr. Trump, but that’s the spelling from google translate — although it did refer to Uzbek. Well, who knows, I’m still struggling with English.

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