: what’s the big mystery? :

The recent malware / ransomware cyberattack has sent international law enforcement into an absolute tailspin in their search for the hackers. The attack late last week claimed at least 200,000 victims in 150 countries worldwide — hospitals, car plants, Chinese universities, the Russian Ministry of Interior.

Investigators are looking under every rock, checking under beds, behind doors, searching closets and chat rooms and digital networks. The dark web is teeming with diabolical types, after all. Time is of the essence and the race is on to find the person or persons responsible. No stone will go unturned in the frenzy to catch these dastardly villains.

Duh. What are they thinking?

This is obviously the handiwork of Obama, probably with a hand from Hillary. Their fingerprints are all over this little caper. After wiretapping Trump, a small-scale practice run, they’ve moved on to worldwide domination.

Jeez, even I can see that. Sad.

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